Our Mission

This website is part of an ongoing effort of The Missouri Bar to encourage, and make it easier for, Missouri attorneys to access resources to provide pro bono service to needy persons and groups, particularly those whose incomes do not allow them to obtain necessary representation through other means.

2016 Pro Bono Wall of Fame    
It is The Missouri Bar's honor to recognize attorneys on the 2016 Pro Bono Wall of Fame. (View 2016 Wall of Fame Honorees)


Pamphlet Designed to Take Some of the Mystery Out of Limited Scope Representation (LSR), Expand Access to Justice
Can LSR make legal representation more accessible to lower and moderate income citizens and have a positive impact on your law practice? The Supreme Court of Missouri Committee on Access to Justice produced a pamphlet to help you decide.  (Read LSR Pamphlet)

Legal Services Help Solve Legal and Life Challenges of Domestic Violence Victim and Her Children

Sandy[1] had been a repeated victim of domestic violence, violation of orders of protection, and stalking, all witnessed by her three young children. When Sandy tried to divorce him, her abusive husband Paul alleged that Sandy was homeless and financially unstable without him, and thereby gained custody of the children. Sandy moved back with him so she could keep the children safe. Over the next three years, the abuse escalated. (Read More)